A. Toraskar

A. Toraskar, 83years old is single and living in BDD chawls with his brother’s son and daughter in law. He first participated in FWA camp for the hearing assessment and received a free hearing aid device. This improved his hearing capacity.

Initially, he would not go anywhere, gradually post the hearing camp as rapport was developed, he came to attend FWA center activities music, art, and craft sessions.

He was eligible for the social security scheme of the Government and FWA team ensured he received the monthly old age pension.

He had not visited the center on follow up it was found that he was exhibiting distressing behaviors of uttering bad words, shouting at all around, suspicious of them etc. FWA team counsel and guided the caregiver to the FWA mental health clinic and timely treatment enabled he showed improvement.

He enjoyed his time at the center, and it became a daily routine to attend so much so that often he would be at the center door even before it opened in the mornings.

His family i.e. nephew and his wife were supportive and felt the difference in his life due to the participation at FWA which continued regularly.