M. Shinde

M. Shinde is 80 years very old elderly widow who stays with her son. He is 50 years of age and suffers from mental health issues and unable to work or provide adequate care for his mother.  Her other son has passed away and her daughter in law does not come to visit her. 

Earlier she would sell items in the train and manage her expenses.  She suffers from orthopaedic hip issues and unable to stand or walk due to which she has no earnings. 

Her married daughter is not able to keep her mother and brother with her due to difficulties in her marital home. She has provided the room space in Kokri agar slums and visits her mother infrequently. She also provides ration periodically however when it is insufficient then Shindebai and her son have difficulty for food. 

FWA team identified Shindebai through the community outreach and initiated the care of the homebound services. She was assessed by the medical consultants. She had not undergone any checkup for longtime.

General Physician identified she suffered from Asthma and gave regular follow up. The team worked with the GP to provide her Asthma medicines free of cost as she could not afford the same.

Physiotherapist provided basic exercise regimen but guided to ensure care to prevent any further issues.  The Nutritionist advised low budget food items to maintain her nutrition. 

FWA provided periodic nutritive meals and dry ration supplements to her as well as regular visits.  In addition, as Shindebai and her son could not manage on own, her living conditions in the room were unhygienic. FWA team gradually work with the neighbor’s family to seek their participation to supervise and support to maintain cleanliness and cooking as possible.

Slowly creating the right environment – including bath, wash clothes she showed small improvements in her health, hygiene and manage few exercises. 

In the period of the COVID 19 pandemic lockdown – psycho-social tele support inquiry with neighbor’s was maintained and both she and her neighbor’s family were provided with ration and sanitizer relief kits.  

FWA interventions with individuals as a continuum is extended into community level interventions where neighbors as part of the social system in the community are important role players pre and during the crisis and FWA team expressed their appreciation of the family who play supportive role in the life of disabled elderly and her son.