case stories

T. Dhamankar

T. Dhamankar, is a 66 years old elderly woman living in S.K.Mansion, Delisle Road. She has no major physical issues. She lost her husband at a young age and has been working as a domestic helper for many years. She has brought up her only son through a lot of struggles and lives with him […]

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M. Shinde

M. Shinde is 80 years very old elderly widow who stays with her son. He is 50 years of age and suffers from mental health issues and unable to work or provide adequate care for his mother.  Her other son has passed away and her daughter in law does not come to visit her.  Earlier

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A. Toraskar

A. Toraskar, 83years old is single and living in BDD chawls with his brother’s son and daughter in law. He first participated in FWA camp for the hearing assessment and received a free hearing aid device. This improved his hearing capacity. Initially, he would not go anywhere, gradually post the hearing camp as rapport was

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P. Mungekar

P. Mungekar is a 62year old unmarried woman living in Wani Chawl with her brother’s family. She suffers from various health issues – HT, Diabetes, Thyroid and Arthritis. Due to these health problems, she finds it difficult to do much work and stays at home. Her financial conditions are poor and is dependent on her

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