P. Mungekar

P. Mungekar is a 62year old unmarried woman living in Wani Chawl with her brother’s family. She suffers from various health issues – HT, Diabetes, Thyroid and Arthritis. Due to these health problems, she finds it difficult to do much work and stays at home. Her financial conditions are poor and is dependent on her brother for all her expenses. This causes strain in her relations with her brother. She would be uncomfortable seeking money often for her needs.

FWA worker supported her to avail a few medicines from the Mobile Medicare Unit. She was always at home hence gradually encouraged to visit the EEC and participate in the activity. She started attending the music sessions occasionally and the periodic health camps due to which she received hearing aid device and spectacles at no cost. She underwent general health checks and regular follow up was done with her to address her concerns and anxieties. She felt better over time.  

She was also encouraged to visit the yoga class at the EEC however she was unable to do so hence one FWA senior citizen member gave her some basic yoga guidance at home.

She had no document for her age proof hence she was supported to procure the age certificate. She was further eligible for the Government old age pension, which was initiated, and process completed. She receives the monthly pension and is supported to submit the Life Certificate annually. This contributed towards her sense of financial security and general well- being.